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Germany's minimal nature boy wants to quit music and be a full-time park ranger

Dominik Eulberg

A strange trend is sweeping through the world of minimal: an appreciation of nature. Patrick Chardronnet lices in a forest, Alex Smoke studied biology and the Border Community guys (Holden and Fake) adore pixies and birds. However, for Dominik Eulberg it takes precedence over music, despite his success. "I only see myself doing music for a few more years," says Dominik. "Then I'm going to be a full-time park ranger."

The last two years have seen the 26-year-old rise to the top of the minimal tree. His brilliant 2004 debut album "Flora & Fauna", fuses exquisite melodies over techy, minimal beats. "I try to combine my love of nature and music when producing," says Dominik, who grew up in the forestry region of Westerwald.

"Music came late. When I was 13 all I did was go out and catch butterflies," says Dominik. However, Westerwald is between Cologne and Frankfurt. "I had techno from Cologne on one side and Sven Väth and trance drom Frankfurt on the other." He worked in a record shop near Cologne and was DJing and producing while studying biology and geology. After he signed to Cologne's Traum, "Flora & Fauna" was voted one of the albums of the year by Germany's Groove magazine. He was also voted producer of the year and third top DJ behind Sven Väth and Ricardo Villalobos. Now Sven signed him to his Cocoon label. "It's a dream come true. Sven's my idol" he gleams.

He's still studying, volunteers as a park ranger and is a keen birdwatcher. "I Love nature. Nathan Fake and I have arranged to go birdwatching together", he says excitedly.