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milk magazin

milk magazin: How is possible that a fauna and flora enthusiast like you handles so well those machines that make modern music?

Eulberg: I think this is because I have these both passions allready since a long, long time in my heart and they fecundate each other and they are nor multually exclusive. Natur is my inspiration source for making music and my balance from the sometimes stressie DJ-touring.

milk magazin: You ussually say “to paint electroacustic portraits from some sensations that you get from the nature”. Which is the way you do this process from the organic to the digital?

Eulberg: Sometimes I do it directly by using sounds I recorded in nature. But I mean more an transfering a special emotion into music. I think electronic music is the best form to do it, because you have nearly no sound limitation. And when you for example compare a frogcroaking-concert to the sound of a Roland TB-303, you see that these two worlds are closer then you think.

milk magazin: Tell me, cause you know it: what does the nature sounds to?

Eulberg: The nature sounds like music. It can cause all the emotions in our self which we can show. It can frighten you like a wolf-scream. It can make you happy like a joyful birdsinging. It can make you melancloic like the sounds of raindrops and so on. Of course everybody has a different perception, but for me the nature sounds like a singing mother who is calming his crying child.

milk magazine: Is the night-and-day series the first loop in the natural history?

Eulberg: Life is an cyclus. Everywhere you can find a coming and going. Thats an elementary charataristic of being. I think this is also the reason why we like music where rhythms and melodies are repeated, because this is a very natural way. Why do we dance all the night on monotone 4/4 beats? Because the heartbeat of the mother is the first sound we can hear as a fetus in the womb. We are getting embossed that this coming and going in a cyclus way is something pleasureable. You can find this in all cultures, like people in Africa dancing to allnight looping rhythms.

milk magazine: You don't almost use human vocal elements in your work… Is the man a Wolf to a man?

Eulberg: I was never a fan of using music with singings, it was always to direct and to precasted for me. I wanted to have subtle music where the vipes and the energy is speaking. The first music I was interessted in was techno and first in the last years I'm more open to music with vocals.

milk magazine: You're known as a serious guy. Does the wild appear to you when you get into the cabin?

Eulberg: Of course I'am always interessted in learning something new about our fantastic world, but I also like to switch my head of drink a lot, a lot of Jägermeister and to feel the music.

milk magazine: By the way, is it true that you keep working eventually as a gamekeeper?

Eulberg: I studied biology and ecology and allready worked two times as a park ranger in National Parks. It always made me very happy to be all the day in the place we came from and to show people the beautiness of nature. Of course I like a lot Djing, seeing so many nice citys, interessting countrys and people, but for my whole life this would not satisy me completly. So my plan is to work again in the nature in a few years.

milk magazine: Do you get upset when you're called “The minimal-tech Yogi Bear”?

Eulberg: Ha thats really funny. No I would be glad to be called like this. Yogi Bear is a really friendly creature, somebody with who you can always talk and cuddle with, like me. Of course I don't like being put into a musical drawer.

milk magazine: hy do you call your themes with this extremely complicated names, and also in German?

Eulberg: Because I a´have a big preditction to play with lanuage and this is the most autentic in my native language. Also this refelects my liking of native habitats. But on my new album “Bionik” the titles and stories I wrote to each track are also in english, so that everybody can understand it.

milk magazine: You use to study Geography, but you knew almost all the World because of your good work as a dj and producer. What place in the World would you like to get lost in a few days far from the beats?

Eulberg: For me every country, culture and religion has interessting values from which I can extract and learn something for my life.

milk magazine: Ware, Raum, Trapez, Traum, Cocoon… Which label you've felt more confortable working in?

Eulberg: With labels like Traumschallplatten I'm working now since my beging of releasing music. They are now really good friends of mine, with whome I can speak about everything. For me it is always important, that I can work free, without a pressure. This is always the case with Cocoon. We also understand very well on the human way and trust each other. Only like this the energy can flow.

milk magazine: Tell us about your new work Bionic . What does this add to your ecologic and electronic career?

Eulberg: “Bionik” was the logical next step. The expression Bionics is composed from Bio- , taken from Biology and -nics , taken from Technics . Its aim is to use biological principles, which have been invented and perfected by nature over millions of years, for technical purposes. I selected ten examples of this and wrote a song and an information text for it. Musicaly, tt was important for me to create an album with a lot of different styles and atmospheres. Songs you can listen and home or during driving car and songs which wash out your braintwists on the dancefloor.

milk magazine: By the way, what happened to your alter ego ‘Rocco Branco'?

Eulberg: Rocco Branco is just finishing his new EP for Platzhirsch. Rocco is a really crazy guy who is just working just when it suits him.